Good News

Good News EP Cover
Good News EP Cover

Peter Jennings Disciples incorporates their Rust Belt roots and generational ambiguity into the “alternadustrial” sound of their debut EP, Good News. Songs like “The AM” (a dark ambient track) showcase the dichotomy of once-proud cities fallen on hard times and desperately trying to reinvent themselves into greatness again. Other themes explored on Good News vary from the sorrow of suicide to the dedication needed to sustain a relationship.

The Good News EP was released on 2 September 2020 on streaming platforms, digital download, and limited-edition audio cassette formats.

The second song on Good News, “Biography; Epitaph,” has been featured on Eagles Nest Radio.

Biography; Epitaph Official Music Video

The Disciples have also released a music video for the final track on the EP, “Don’t Close the Window,” which features lyrics and vocals from J. Whiteaker, lead singer and bassist of The Funeral March of the Marionettes. “Don’t Close the Window” was featured on Subculture Shock.

Don’t Close the Window Official Music Video

Track List

  1. The AM
  2. Biography; Epitaph
  3. Cracked Mirror
  4. Holding on to Our Hate
  5. I Don’t Know What It’s Called
  6. Don’t Close the Window


All songs by Peter Jennings Disciples, except “Don’t Close the Window”
Music by Peter Jennings Disciples
Lyrics and vocals by J. Whiteaker of The Funeral March

“Cracked Mirror” dedicated to Jamy, Kevin, Liam, and Matt: you always were the brightest lights.

Recorded by Johnny Blaze at Helldriver Studios
Mixed and mastered by Bagheera
Management: d’Artagnan and Associates

Cover by Shawn Gwaltney

Package design, layout, interior art, and photography by Gold Leaf Photography & Design.

Thank you: Tiffanie McCaskey; Michael Diamond; Toy Cesar; Michael Freding; Joe Whiteaker of The Funeral March of the Marionettes; Brian Diamond of Shadows & Mirrors; Karen Righeimer and Ivan Russia of BELLHEAD; Allison MacMurchy, Rebecca Borowski, and Mary Richards for the Zebra