Wild Girl

Fallen in love, though you’ve just met
Fuck so hard you run out of sweat
Dance and drink the night away
Tomorrow night do it again
Long black hair and a short black dress
Love the style, don’t care to impress
Morning comes and she’s not there
Was it a dream or just a nightmare?

Where did that wild girl go?
Why did that fearless female flee?
Was it something that I said?
Left me there on bended knee

Chase the girl; you’re not too proud
Vultures circling all around
Who’d’ve thought they’d be so bold?
Scavenge the meat before it grows cold
Scream inside grows so loud
Can’t pick her out of a crowd
Face becomes a memory
Until one day it fades away

Is there another wild girl?
One that can’t be tamed?
Lifetime search for another one
I shouldn’t be ashamed

Didn’t fall in love – no, not yet
Fought real hard? Yeah, you bet
Short red hair and a long white dress
Nothing more than second best
Smiling face the rest of my days
But at night, dream of the wild girl