Darkest Dream

Oceans of ink
Beaches of gold
Tides wash away the heart that grows cold

Slipping like sand
Safe in my shell
Desperate to break free from this Hell

Gasping for air
Clawing my chest
Being nothing and longing for rest

Deep in the night
High in the sky
No one is there to hear my cry

Waves pull me down
Icy abyss
Too late: no escaping this

Specters cast a sidelong glance
At my death, my romance
In my darkest dream
My darkest dream

Nowhere to turn
No one to fight
Filled with rage against the light

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Nowhere to go when hope has died

Deafening roar
Blood in my veins
Tempest sky of lash and chain

Opening wound
A festering sore
Feels like the end; I can’t take any more

Frozen with fear
No way out
Darkening clouds and shadows of doubt

Angelic face
Promise I make
A demon’s heart I will not forsake

She’s my hope, my salvation
Shakes me free from the damnation
Of my darkest dream
Awake and arise
Night turns to day
My darkest dream she’s taken away