The Disciples currently use the following gear to produce music. Most of the items on this list are either free or inexpensive (under $200.)
Please note that inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement of any kind, fitness for purpose, or recommendation. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Digital Audio Workstation

Reaper (Cockos)

Audio Interfaces

Scarlett Solo – 3rd generation (Focusrite)
M-Track Plus – Mk. II (M-Audio)

Monitors & Headphones

CR3 (Mackie)
TH-300X (Tascam)


MXL 990 (MXL)


Bass guitars

Circa 1970s RSB Series (Aria Pro II)
RBX 270 J (Yamaha)
Geezer Butler Signature Pickups (EMG)
Metal Masters Strings – Heavy (Ken Smith)


B100C (Acoustic)

Effects Pedals

Loop Station RC-1 (Boss)
Bass Overdrive ODB-3 (Boss)
Bass Limiter Enhancer LMB-3 (Boss)
Holy Octave (Donner)
Qwik Tune (EC)

Keyboards & MIDI Controllers

Axiom 25 (M-Audio)

Plugins & Virtual Instruments

A1TriggerGate (
AAS Player (Applied Acoustics Systems)
ADSR Sample Manager (ADSR)
ANIMATE (Mastering the Mix)
ASSAULT Drums (It Might Get Loud Productions)
Acon Digital Multiply (Acon Digital)
AlterEgo (Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc)
Ample Bass P Lite II (Ample Sound)
Ample Guitar M II Lite (Ample Sound)
Ample Percussion Cloudrum (Ample Sound)
AmpliTube 4 (IK Multimedia Production)
AmpliTube3 (IK Multimedia Production)
BASSROOM (Mastering the Mix)
Balancer (Focusrite)
Blackface SC-5 (Black Rooster Audio)
Blueface SC-5 (Black Rooster Audio)
Canary (Black Rooster Audio)
Captain Beat (Mixed In Key LLC)
Captain Chords (Mixed In Key LLC)
Captain Deep (Mixed In Key LLC)
Captain Melody (Mixed In Key LLC)
Captain Play (Mixed In Key LLC)
ChorusWS1 (Mercuriall)
Cypress TT-15 (Black Rooster Audio)
Deputy Mark II (Full Bucket Music)
Dexed (Digital Suburban)
Drawmer S73 (Softube)
Edelweiss72 (Black Rooster Audio)
FA3 Full (Fretted Synth)
FB-3100 (Full Bucket Music)
Frequency Shifter (Full Bucket Music)
Full Bucket Brigade Delay (Full Bucket Music)
Greed Smasher 1.2 (Mercuriall)
Guitar Rig 5 (Native Instruments GmbH)
Harlequin Preamp v1.3 (Roxolder)
Hyper Canvas (EDIROL)
I-Synth 1 (Tolga Gurpinar)
Ignite – Emissary (STL Tones)
Ignite – NadIR (STL Tones)
JCM800 Hot Preamp v1.3 (Roxolder)
JCM800 Preamp v1.3 (Roxolder)
Kern (Full Bucket Music)
Komplete Kontrol (Native Instruments GmbH)
Kontakt (Native Instruments GmbH)
LEVELS (Mastering the Mix)
MT-A (Mercuriall)
Magnetite (Black Rooster Audio)
Mercuriall Cab v3.0 (roxolder)
Metatron (psychic modulation)
Mini Grand (AIR Music Technology)
ModulAir (Full Bucket Music)
Mono/Fury (Full Bucket Music)
NG-EL Monofilter (NUGEN Audio)
NRR-1 (Ignite Amps)
Nabla (Full Bucket Music)
Neutrino (iZotope, Inc.)
Orchestral (EDIROL)
Ozone Imager (iZotope, Inc.)
PTEq-X (Ignite Amps)
Phasis (Native Instruments GmbH)
Phazor (AdamSzabo)
ProF.E.T. (Ignite Amps)
Pulsation (AtomSplitter Audio)
RA Mowg – SynthEdit (SynthEdit
REFERENCE (Mastering the Mix)
Ragnarok (Hans Peter Willems + Bjoern Arlt)
Raum (Native Instruments GmbH)
ReaCast (Cockos)
ReaComp (Cockos)
ReaControlMIDI (Cockos)
ReaDelay (Cockos)
ReaEQ (Cockos)
ReaFir (FFT EQ+Dynamics Processor) (Cockos)
ReaGate (Cockos)
ReaInsert (Cockos)
ReaNINJAM (Cockos)
ReaPitch (Cockos)
ReaSamplOmatic5000 (Cockos)
ReaStream (Cockos)
ReaSurround (Cockos)
ReaSynDr (Cockos)
ReaSynth (Cockos)
ReaTune (Cockos)
ReaVerb (Cockos)
ReaVerbate (Cockos)
ReaVocode (Cockos)
ReaVoice (Cockos)
ReaXcomp (Cockos)
Reaktor 6 (Native Instruments GmbH)
Red 2 EQ (Focusrite)
Red 3 Compressor (Focusrite)
SHB-1 v1.0.0 (Ignite Amps)
SampleTank 2.x (IK Multimedia)
Saturation Knob (Softube)
Stigma (Full Bucket Music)
Strike (AIR Music Technology)
Strum Session 2 (Applied Acoustics Systems)
Super Quartet (EDIROL)
SuperTron 4.03 big (Solcito Musica)
SuperTron2.6 (SynthMaker)
Supercharger (Native Instruments GmbH)
Syntronik (IK Multimedia)
TPA-1 v1.0.1 (Ignite Amps)
TS-999 v1.5.2 (Ignite Amps)
TSAR-1R Reverb (Softube)
TSB-1 v1.0.1 (Ignite Amps)
TSC 1.1 (Mercuriall)
The Anvil (Ignite Amps)
Tomato Preamp v1.0 (Roxolder)
ToneSpot Voice Express (Audified)
Tube Delay (Softube)
TyrellN6 (u-he)
Ultra Analog Session 2 (Applied Acoustics Systems)
VEQ-1P (Black Rooster Audio)
VEQ-5 (Black Rooster Audio)
VHL-3C (Black Rooster Audio)
VK-1 Viking Synthesizer (Blamsoft, Inc.)
VLA-2A (Black Rooster Audio)
VLA-3A (Black Rooster Audio)
VLA-FET (Black Rooster Audio)
VPRE-73 (Black Rooster Audio)
VST Speek (Speakosaur)
Vintager Toy 1.1 (SynthMaker)
Vocal Doubler (iZotope, Inc.)
Xpand!2 (AIR Music Technology)
hypercyclic (mucoder)
iZotope Vinyl (iZotope, Inc.)
qyooo (Full Bucket Music)
scrooo (Bjoern Arlt @ Full Bucket Music)
the blooo (Full Bucket Music)
tunerEditGUI (Aglaƫ Corporation)